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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dj Lil Daddy ft. Tha A-Team - Marked 4 death

Disturbed Young Hustlers - Homiez n my head

The nickname New Orleans have among tourists and partygoing fratboys, "the big easy" is one that's not correct for many of it's local citiscenz. There's some heavy poverty and all that comes with it going on and never has the darker side of N.O been portrayed in such a creepy and qualitative manner as on this album. It may not be all that known to folks not deep into N.O rap but this album is a major classic and impossible to top.

Big Bum, Lokee, Jr.Mack and Short Bread serves us a bleak, desperate and highly melancholic slice of N.O streetlife that is sure to stay in your mind once you hear the album. DYH is not offering any glorified views of the hood, don't give us no "damn it feels good to be a gangsta" bullcrap but gets down to the nitty gritty pretty much from the get go. The first song on here (after the intro wich i always ignore) is the title track "Homiez n my head", about passed away homes that keeps on living in the memories of the living and all the feelings and thoughts that comes with young people meeting an far to early and violent end. I just can't believe this song, there's something with it's creepy high pitched synths, sampled gunshots and simple but yet effective base loop that goes str8 to my heart. This song is a modern masterpiece.

I could easily go on writing an essay on each song on this album as it's tite from start to finish but i'll resist the temptation and jump str8 to track 6, "Blow it up" a weed song but not your regular chill smokin song, aint nothing relaxed about this song. It's way more lyrical than youre used to and the atmosphere is kinda menacing and spooky, with different lyrics it would fit great as a part of an horrormovie soundtrack. Let's keep it up and move on to song 8, "Depressed" which is about how New Orleans streetlife is affecting your state of mind, surprise, surprise but this aint no happy song either. As far as beat goes it's kinda chill, a lil bit slower and whit some R&B cat wailing in the background.

Out of an album full of pain, suffering and desperation i would say that track 12, "Born alone, die alone" is among the most depressing. I guess it's about haters, or how those you thought where friends turn into ones and that in the end your all alone no matter what. It's sad that we have a society where folks feel like this. It's backed by a mellow, very fitting beat whit a synth, a worm (if i know my instrument names right, could just as well be a "moog") and some synthetic sounding violins and piano.

Well, all i can say is that this is an outstanding album. It's not that it's so incredibly unique in style, there are albums with similar sounding beats, dark lyrics and a good flow that never comes close to this cd. In adition to having mastered their craft i would say that it's the level of conviction in which they rap that makes this such an remarkable album. No matter how the reality where/is for these guys i believe every word they are saying, they have an desperation and sadness in their flow that makes every sylable urgent and important. If youre to buy an OG version of this album it will cost you, i have seen them go for over $200 on ebay but it's worth it. Damn, it would be worth twice as much.

Sporty T- It's all good

It's sad how so many of New Orlean's most talented rappers have been killed or is serving long jail sentenses. Wheter he did gangstarap or bounce Sporty T is among the veterans and his untimely death/murder (isn't murders always untimely?) sure is tragic. By the time of his death he may have been retired from the business for years but he will still be missed. This "tape only" ep is among his first, way before he went gangsta or started his drawn out (and one sided) beef with Juvenile.

While it may not win over any bounce haters out there i must say it's an exceptional release and it kicks ass with some of the newer, neo-bounce wich i think is 100% garbage. As a matter of fact, along with some "Magnolia Shorty" and K.C. Red songs this is among the best bounce iv'e heard. This subgenre (of rap) where made to get the party started, if you sit at home and listen to it, trying to get the lyrics then youre missing the whole point with bounce. No matter how much that may aply to "It's all good" i think it's good enough to work just as good outside of the party.

Well, enough bout that and on to the songs, usualy i hate intro's and skip them but this time im tempted to say that the intro is among the favourites on this tape, it's kinda like a mini song. The beat itself is pretty simple but most def. great and is very much a classic New Orleans marching band/Jazz beat with a dominant trombone in the focus. Sometimes the simple is the best and while this is far from advanced it's very catchy and i would have loved to see this expanded into a full lenght song. Lyricaly it's nothing to talk about, Sporty just says how he's trying to put all Big Boy artist on the map. Following this great start is the first song "Nothing but bounce", a great and souly track who strays far from "triggaman" while still being 100% bounce all the way.
Weed and Raqp goes hand in hand almost to the extent Reggae and weed goes together (although the religious element is gone in rap) so what would be more fitting than a relaxed weed song as the next track? As fara as the beat goes it's kinda romantic, relaxing whitcha girl and spending the sundayt in bed kinda way. It's realy not that much rapping goin on in here but more talkin. Anyway, it's a good song and if you ain't demanding too much of an intelectual challenge (who does when putting on a bounce song?) you will like it. The tempo is turned up quite a bit with the next track "Exercise the workout" which is very much a typical uptempo bounce song with typical lyrics which is nothing much to talk about.

After that it's time for the b-side which is nothing more than the same songs as on the A-side but in radio verisions. While i wish this was a full lenght album i have to admit that what we get is Bounce at it's best and it even has some musical merit which is more than what you can say about alot of the bounce you hear nowadays. Trying not to get too talky, if you are even remotely into Bounce this is a must have tape, if youre into the trader circuit you could prob. get this album in mp3 format.