Louisiana, the state has been almost criminally overlooked when it comes to Rap. This blog is here to shine some much needed light on "the boot state" and it's scene, both underground acts and more established.

Our goal is to stream every title ever released, to serve as some sorta reference library where folks can go whenever they need to look up a title and get some samples. We do not offer high quality downloads, that is not our goal and will never be. Earlier verisions of this blog did but that's in the past.

If you feel you would like to contribute to this blog I would be more than happy to accept your uploaded streams, register with divshare and start uploading, just make it low quality audio. I do not wish to step on any industry persons toes, not even those who released an album 15 yrs ago that is impossible to get now.

One last thing, as anyone who has ever had a blog or website knows; Sometimes your motivation to update is low, this happens from time to time. Sometimes it may take a while before you see an update but the blog aint dead unless i say it is, it's just taking a nap!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Willie Puckett - Doggie hoop

Da Rados - On the loose

Deep South Syndicate - Potent